Saturday, July 24, 2010

So I was on one of my digiscrapping freebie blogs tonight

And I clicked on one of the freebies and it led me to Jen Martakis Designs. I loved what I saw SOOO much and thought it was worth blogging about. Look at some of these things!!!

First Official "Craft"

Yay! I finally made something. And it was free! DH took DS golfing and I stayed behind to clean. Well, while I was cleaning, I came across an old board book of DeVon's that was torn into pieces and all chewed on. I had been holding off throwing it away because it was his favorite book from about the time he was 6 months to 18 months, or so. I decided it was just time to cut the head off so I grabbed the one piece of it I had found and headed to the trash can. I stop cold as I realized I could make something out of it. I LOVE board book transformations. I went to look through the photos we have of DS, but there were no recent ones worth displaying. Being a digital scrapper, I turned to photoshop. I had a picture of him I liked, but I didn't like the distracting background. So, I cropped him out, put a background paper behind him (elegent mess paperpack by Joyce Paul Designs) and decided on wings as embellishment (Baby Kit from Newlife Dreams Designs). With a boy, I never use wings on my scrapbook pages so this was the perfect opportunity. We have no color ink, so I had no choice but to grayscale, but i'm a sucker for b&w. I just printed it out on my computer on regular paper with regular ink. I mod podged the picture onto the backside of the book page so the title of the book would be on the back. Gotta preserve those memories! I used a hard plastic calculator cover to smooth air bubbles and it worked perfectly. Filed the edges and VOILA! Now I gotta figure out what I want to do with it. Since we're pretty much nomads, it might have to be sent to Grandma to display at her house.

Shoulda cropped the picture closer. Since I turned it to black and white, you can't tell he's wearing his auntie's cowboy boots and he looks bow-legged! oh well...

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