Monday, May 9, 2011

a craft? what's that?

I finally got a project done!! Ok, I finished it last week, but since my brain was mush from studying and drinking monsters, I never got around to posting it. I posted about the colors for DeVon's future room HERE. That's how I was finally able to do a project. And it was such a simple one - a growth chart. It took no time at all. I do need to complain about the blue paint though. It was so watery! Not so good for painting the numbers. Oh well... No need to even explain the project; it's all in the pictures:

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Change of plan

Was gonna post a project I finished yesterday, but I'm all hopped up on Monster and can't focus! I'm going crazy! So, here are several scrapbook pages I've done recently that I've been meaning to post.

floor - Storybook Dreams 2 by Nicole Young Designs
Paper, flowers - Midnight Kiss by Bren Boone Designs
journal tag - Tag Template 5 by Delicious Scraps
disco ball - Celebration by Deanna Jones

Shabby Stitchin by Christina Renee
template from ScrapMatters
ble papers, flower, heart - Teddy's Dream by Silke Lemcke
curly string - With Love by Down This Road Designs
ric rac - Sweet Thing by Chelle's Creations
Background paper - Free Spirit from Designs by MonaLisaSmiles
date paper - Color Therapy Brown Cappuchino by EMart Designs
circle string - Soft and Seet by Deanna Jones
swirls - American by Seven's Scraps
glitter and daisy - Shamrock from Design by Ziska

papers, headphones, wings - Adolescent Antics from EveryDayMomIdeas
Rockin word art - Back 2 School Blog Train
dot circle - Warm Winter Wishes by Bon Scrapatit Designs

dinosaur - Dino-Mite by Charm City Scraps
green alpha - Ad Inspired Alphabet by Katie Pertiet
papers, speech bubble - Spring It On mini kit by Mye De Leon
torn border - The Land of Oz by Sarah Barber Design

green string flower - Be Mine by BitsO'Scrap
brown flower from Delicious Scraps
purple glitter - October Magic Glitter by Lindsay Jane
Journal cardboard - Ad Inspiration from Katie Pertiet

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Master Bedroom Wish

The past few days, I've been having fun photoshopping a master bedroom for us. I changed it over, and over, and over, till it was perfect. Now, again, all I need is a house to decorate!

Here's one wall of our future master bedroom. (By the time we get a house, my style will have changed, but w/e, I love it)

All the furniture and the lights are from Bricklewood and the pillow and bedspread are from Bed Bath & Beyond.

My husband has requested a fireplace, so maybe that'll give me the inspiration to design the other walls of the room? Not likely, seeing as it's difficult designing with no floorplan, but maybe I can put together an inspiration board for the rest of the room.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photo Editing Tutorial - with Photoshop

Wanna know how to take this:

and transform it into this?

It is soooo easy. 

I personally use photoshop, but I'm pretty sure any photo editing program will have these options. Click on the pics to view full size.

Step 1 - Curves

Step 2 - Vibrance/Saturation

That's it! Those are the specific settings I used, but play around with the curves and the vibrance and saturation numbers till you end up with something you like. What'd I tell ya? EASY!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

im baaa-aaack

Ok, back to blogging!!

I've now finished module 10 of my CCNA book - ACLs. uuuuugggghhh. studying... I like this stuff, but my brain is totally overloaded! Hence the extreme lack of blog posts. And, like anyone reading this, I am dying to get a craft project on here. Buuuuuttt, apparently everything closes down on Easter - who woulda thunk!? Needed fabric softener for laundry so we drove to Target. CLOSED! Drove to HEB. CLOSED! Wanted to go to Home Depot for a craft - finally. Didn't even go to check if it was opened. After Target and HEB, didn't want to waste my time. Ended up at Walgreen's for fabric softener. Yes, Sunday is the only day I can do laundry since a friend so kindly lets us use his washer. OMG I'm itching to craft. I have a broad idea for DeVon's future room and it's starting to really inspire me. I want to show you my color scheme. I don't remember where the pictures are from, so if you know, lemme know so I can give credit.

To start off, DeVon was wearing this one day and that's when I had a huge epiphany:


I was trying to decide what shade of blue and ended on navy. Easy to match and will grow with him through his teenage years.

I was digging through my inspiration files and put this together.


LOOOOVE IT! (In the voice of that one dragon from Dragon Tales) Can't wait to do SOMETHING. I have a couple really quick, easy, cheap projects planned. Was gonna do them this week, but thank you stores for being closed on Easter. (No offense to anyone who thinks I shouldn't have been shopping on Easter)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scrapbook Pages

Today was a great day! I woke up and immediately exercised (after not having done so in just over a week), then chilled a little while before taking DeVon to the park. The park ended up being really nice, and peaceful too. It was fun! Then we went grocery shopping on the way home. DeVon's such a trooper at the grocery store. It was then nap time so I put him down. He wasn't falling asleep so I ended up getting him out of bed so we could go do laundry at our friend's place. That didn't happen. The guys were tuckered out from golfing so we just chilled some more. I got bored so I took DeVon to the pool for the first time this year! It was freezing but easy to get used to. We swam for about an hour and then I had to bribe him to get out because his lips were turning blue. Oh, did I mention he turned 3 on friday? I can't believe it. I've been waiting for him to turn 3 because it's felt like he's been 2 for 2 years but when the day came, I just wanted him to stay 2! Never realized how sad kids' birthday's can be for a parent. Well, without further ado, here are my latest scrapbook pages. Maybe one day I'll actually be done scrapping 2008!

Alpha - Hello Sunshine by Kelly Mickus
Papers - Family Tree by ?
Back Brown Paper - Texture Files by HSG
Black Stitching - Jen Yurko Designs
corner stitching - Miya J.
White stitching - Follow Me Mini Kit from Digital Scrap Cafe

Artemia by After 5 Designs

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Truth and Tell Tuesday - I Lie To My Son...And He Likes It!

DeVon loves Happy Meals more than any other food. (BAAAD!! I know, I know, it's my fault). So, since I'm not gonna go out and get him a Happy Meal every day, I just make him one. One day we went to McDonald's and the Happy Meal came in the original Happy Meal box and not a bag. I love nostalgic things so I kept it as a souvenir before they never existed again. Well, I'll have to get a new one to use as a souvenir because every day for lunch DeVon asks for a Happy Meal and one day we decided to just trick him. We have a huge bag of Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets so we made a few, grabbed one of his toy cars, and made him a Happy Meal! Tony even went so far as to go out the door and knock so DeVon would open the door and find the Happy Meal there! Now he knows that I make it, but he likes it. He even helps me cook the food to put in the Happy Meal box. But of course his favorite part is finding what toy he got. So cute :)

So now tell me, is there anything you lie to your kids about? Or "trick" them?

And now I'm going to leave you with a picture of the cute little man making me "pizza"