Monday, April 25, 2011

im baaa-aaack

Ok, back to blogging!!

I've now finished module 10 of my CCNA book - ACLs. uuuuugggghhh. studying... I like this stuff, but my brain is totally overloaded! Hence the extreme lack of blog posts. And, like anyone reading this, I am dying to get a craft project on here. Buuuuuttt, apparently everything closes down on Easter - who woulda thunk!? Needed fabric softener for laundry so we drove to Target. CLOSED! Drove to HEB. CLOSED! Wanted to go to Home Depot for a craft - finally. Didn't even go to check if it was opened. After Target and HEB, didn't want to waste my time. Ended up at Walgreen's for fabric softener. Yes, Sunday is the only day I can do laundry since a friend so kindly lets us use his washer. OMG I'm itching to craft. I have a broad idea for DeVon's future room and it's starting to really inspire me. I want to show you my color scheme. I don't remember where the pictures are from, so if you know, lemme know so I can give credit.

To start off, DeVon was wearing this one day and that's when I had a huge epiphany:


I was trying to decide what shade of blue and ended on navy. Easy to match and will grow with him through his teenage years.

I was digging through my inspiration files and put this together.


LOOOOVE IT! (In the voice of that one dragon from Dragon Tales) Can't wait to do SOMETHING. I have a couple really quick, easy, cheap projects planned. Was gonna do them this week, but thank you stores for being closed on Easter. (No offense to anyone who thinks I shouldn't have been shopping on Easter)


  1. Is one of these where you got the bunk bed picture?

  2. I forgot a link sorry!

  3. thanks! i got it from that last one. Didn't know Ana White had a plan! that'll be perfect for when i finally get around to making it.