Thursday, February 17, 2011

Truth and Tell Thursday

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Here's my truth:

My single most favorite item from my last grocery trip is this almond milk. I had to buy two - one for me, one for Tony - so that he could actually have some this time around. I tend to drink it all while he's at work. As I'm writing this, I'm drinking the last of mine :( I'll probably end up sneaking some from his carton :)

What's your favorite item from your last grocery trip? Just Leave a comment!

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  1. Hum, my favorite item from my last grocery trip would have to be the Whales. Walmart has generic cheeze its called Whales and I swear they are better than the real ones. I have never seen Almond Milk...

  2. I love almond milk too! The best part is, no one else in my house likes it so i get to enjoy it all to myself!!!!

  3. Hey there! Just linked over from A Little Kick Knack. I love Almond Milk too! My favorite item I bought at the grocery store is Adams Peanut Butter. Yummm! On celery, with apple slices or even just with a spoon :)