Friday, March 4, 2011

A Piece of Decoration

Decorate? What's that? When you move every few months, there's no such thing as decorating. We'll be in this apartment longer than we've been in any other one so yes, I would like to decorate. So far, I've only done one thing - hang up my chore board! I love it. I wanted to hang up all of our pictures, but I don't have any nails! Gotta go to Home Depot. I hung up the chore board by stealing some nail type things from my picture hanging kit. Need to change them when I buy nails. But anyway, my chore board sat unused on top of a bookshelf since we moved in in October and I'm so happy to finally have it put to use.

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  1. I know about moving! It's hard to make a house a home, when your only there for a short time... but just take it one project at a time :) Good luck! Cute chore board!